Are you considering giving someone a house plant as a gift? If so you may be overwhelmed by all the different options there are out there. The plants I will share with you below have been proven to improve the quality of air indoors. So not only do these plants make great gifts but they can also help you breathe a little better.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera PlantThe first house plant we will discuss is the Aloe Vera plant. This just may be my favorite plant of all time. It is easy to grow and it loves the sun. If you have a big window in your kitchen this is the plant you want. It will love all the sun that comes in through the window. Besides being a great gift it also has the ability to heal cuts and burns with the gel inside.

The spider plant

The spider plant gets its name due to the way it looks. The way it grows it resembles a spider. The great thing about this house plant is how resilient it is. You could neglect it for quite a while and you still wouldn’t kill it. Thanks to high levels of foliage this indoor plant has the ability to fight carbon monoxide and benzene.

Gerber Daisy

Gerber DaisyThis bright orange plant is a sight to see. You should only get this plant if you are able to give it a lot of light on a regular basis. Otherwise, it will shrivel up and die. If you are the type of person who loves to take their clothes to the dry cleaner this is the plant for you. It has the ability to remove trichloroethylene which is a chemical you bring into your home after coming from the dry cleaner. They are perfect for bedrooms and laundry rooms.

Snake Plant

The snake plantSome refer to this plant as the mother in law’s tongue plant. If you use a lot of cleaning products this is a great plant for you. It is great at filtering out formaldehyde that gets released from things such as toilet paper. You will often see these plants in restrooms for this very reason. It doesn’t need a lot of light and can thrive in humid conditions.


ChrysanthemumDon’t worry, I can’t pronounce it either. But one thing is for sure, this plant will brighten up any room. It’s very colorful and very fun. One of the most common colors is pink. You will need a lot of light in order for the buds on this plant to open. So make sure you have an open spot near a window.


AzaleaThis is another very beautiful house plant. It’s bright, pink and will make anyone smile. It is the type of plant that does best in cooler environments. It is best to keep it in an area where the temperature is between 60 and 65 degrees. If you have a basement you can put an Azalea down there to help improve the air.

As you can imagine there are literally hundreds of other houseplants you can choose to give as a gift. The key is to find the one you know the recipient will like the most. Get online and do a little plants as a gift research. You can also do all of your shopping online which is fast and convenient.